Thing 7B Google Reader Update

Wow..I love the Google Reader I just wish I had more time to spend reading all of the great articles that have been posted. One article that recently has caught my attention deals with the new privacy settings on Facebook. Check out the following passage:

And Facebook’s current “privacy policy” has some gems — really, there are too many to list, but my favorite is probably from Section 3: Information You Share With Third Parties: “We take steps to ensure that others use information that you share on Facebook in a manner consistent with your privacy settings, but we cannot guarantee that they will follow our rules.” Translation: People will get your information through our site, and we don’t really have much/any control over what they do with your information.

In other words, this great social networking tool gives out your information whether you like it or not..but…is this fact scary enough to make us give up this networking tool where many people spend “hours” of their time daily to keep up with their friends…I don’t think so…Don’t get me wrong..I love Facebook and have found numerous old friends that I am thrilled to reconnect with….but, we need to be careful…no telling who is using your personal info…

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